More than 100 year old building


In a more than 100 year old building, decorated with the typical Oporto tiles (azulejos) and features of the traditional Portuguese architecture of Oporto houses. InLapa is a space that offers that kind of a very special local lodging, in a symbolical part of the city, near Lapa Church.

InLapa is located at less than 2 km from the centre of Oporto and from most of the main attractions of the city: Aliados Avenue, Clérigos Tower, Lello Bookshop, São Bento train station, Ribeira (world Patromony of UNESCO), The Port wine Caves, The House of Music, The Cathedral or the famous Majestic Cafe, among others. In less then 50m there is a grocer’s, a baker’s and some local cafes. It is surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants,from the most traditional to gourmet.

The location of InLapa turns it into an ideal place for those who like walking through this marvelous and unique city.
Besides, it is an excellent choice for those who want to know about our culture, our architecture and of course to taste our unique Port Wine.


A route to Santiago de Compostela,a northern exit of the principal city, here, the Chapel of Our Lady of Lapa of the Confessions was built, which originated the nowadays church, in its mission of helping those in need with relief to the body, to the soul, to life.
The architecture of Lapa Church is mainly Rococo and Neo-classic. Its most important element is the magnificent Pipe Organ, ex-libris of Lapa Brotherhood, as it is one of the best and most beautiful in all Iberian Peninsula. The Organ is also the fundamental instrument in the famous concerts promoted by the Church. This Organ weighs 32 tons, 15 meters heigh, 10,5 meters in width and 5 meters in depth. The largest pipe is made of wood and it is 10,12 meters high.

The world Lapa means the space of a cave, a shelter defined by a large stone, naturally dug in the ground and often associated with water springs. Vital elements, earth and water gave the then civilized men the conditions to get food, to obtain primitive tools and shelter that procteted them.
In this place, known nowadays as Lapa, there was once a windmill, moved by sea winds that reached the upper part of Boa Vista. Here, in presence of the four elements, temples in honour of the Holy Spirit and houses for men were built, homes with crackling fires that lightened, melted cooked warmed…
In Lapa, in its streets, buildings, gardens and shops, the memories of the preserved bourgeois city life are evoked, a silent witness of fights and romantic duels, a conventual place of devotion and protection of pilgrims, where the heart of a king is kept in one of its chapels.

This house InLapa is more than a building where one can relax and where people passing by are welcome.It is a shelter with this pilgrim and liberal soul of the romantic writers, with its fountains and stone that keep the miracle of hospitality

Our rooms

InLapa 05

Lower ground floor apartment with kitchen
and direct access to garden
2 Adults

InLapa 02

Apartment with kitchen
2 bedrooms (1 double bed + 2 single bed)
2 Adults and 2 Children
Access to the common garden

InLapa 01

Apartment with kitchen
2 Adults

InLapa 06

Apartment with kitchen
access to the garden and private terrace
3 Adults

InLapa 04

Apartment with kitchen
2 bedrooms (2 double bed)
Up to 4 Adults


2 Adults