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This section will cover how to secure your application environment and infrastructure. You'll also learn to closely monitor your AWS workloads. Block public and cross-account access to buckets and objects throughany public bucket policies.

No amount of studying will get you ready for the exam without preparing so practice tests are a must. A Cloud Guru and Udemy courses have some good practice tests but I would recommend going for the one on WhizLabs as there were the closest to the actual exam. For higher levels of security, the standard for many organizations today is multi-cloud, which uses multiple providers for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments. Multi-cloud strategy allows organizations to work with cloud providers and environment types best-suited to their workload or application. During the exam, your webcam and microphone must remain on all the time and you cannot leave the room nor let anyone in. I personally love studying on physical books as they keep me away from screens and internet distractions.

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Fifty-five percent of companies use at least two public clouds in addition to their own data centers, according to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Study. IT managers make choices based on the performance and services a platform offers, which vary according to application type. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification enables tenured cloud security professional to demonstrate their ability to secure the AWS cloud. On the flight back home from Las Vegas, I asked myself if there was anything else I could do to deepen my AWS security knowledge to next level since I had already spent time? The decision was made quickly and I decided to pass the exam as my first goal in 2022.

How difficult is AWS security Speciality certification?

This exam is difficult and is one of the hardest exams out there, but earning this AWS security certification will pay dividends in your career. Take the time to learn the material inside and out, and take your exam and pass it on your first attempt.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for AWS Solutions Architect Exam (SAA-C - Part 4 (DynamoDB)

– Study how Route 53 can quickly handle network issues by performing DNS and endpoint health checks. Route 53 also helps in making your environment more resilient by performing automatic failovers. – Although AWS VPN is fairly new, you should have an overview of what this service is and how to set it up in your AWS environment. – Know everything on VPCs since they are basic building blocks for a protected AWS environment. – Know the purpose of a Glacier Vault Lock and try implementing a policy yourself.

AWS Shield Advanced provides enhanced protections for your applications running on ELB, CloudFront, WAF, ASG, Cloudwatch, and R53 against larger and more sophisticated attacks. Make sure your incident response plan covers all the necessary AWS services. In this guide, we’ll follow the domains and topics that are provided in the content outline of the official AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01) Exam Guide. Obtaining this AWS security certification means you will become some of the 1st engineers world-wide to gain a specialist certification with AWS. On its own it demonstrates your Ninja-level Security skills – showing any employer you are capable of being lead engineer on complex AWS projects.

Top 5 Courses to Crack AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Exam (SCS-C in 2023 - Best of Lot

Given this, pursuing the AWS Security Specialist certification is a good idea to lay a solid foundation for efficiently utilizing AWS daily. This course will teach you how to design, build, aws certified security specialist configure, monitor, and maintain AWS-based security systems. I have worked in IT design, development, and architecture for over a decade for some of the top fortune 100 companies.

aws certified security specialist

It is basically a credential that helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. If you earn an AWS Certified Security Specialty, it means that you are an expert in securing data and workloads in the AWS Cloud. The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is meant for individuals who perform a security role and have at least two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads. You should have five years of IT security experience in designing and implementing security solutions and at least two years of hands-o experience in securing AWS workloads. CCSP is a vendor-neutral certification that demonstrates the broad knowledge to successfully secure any cloud environment, regardless of vendor affiliation. It proves expert skills and experience in cloud security design, implementation, architecture, operations, controls and compliance with the full range of regulatory frameworks.

My Path to Learn and to Pass the AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification Exam

I’ve curated the things that you should know for the exam, which means that the technical notes in this blog post are very dense and to the point. If you wish to dive deeper, then you can always read further in the links that I’ve provided above. A. AWS Certifications build credibility and confidence by validating your cloud skills with an industry-recognized credential. Getting AWS Certified can help you propel your career, whether looking to find a new role, showcase your skills to take on a new project, or become your team’s go-to expert. The ability to make trade-off decisions about cost, security, and deployment complexity is given a set of application requirements.

aws certified security specialist
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